Activity for Pronoun Verb Agreement

When it comes to writing, one important aspect to keep in mind is the agreement between pronouns and verbs. This agreement is crucial because it helps ensure that your writing is grammatically correct and easy to understand. In this article, we will explore some activities that can help you improve your pronoun-verb agreement skills.

1. Fill in the blanks

One activity that can help you practice your pronoun-verb agreement is to fill in the blanks with the correct pronoun-verb pairing. For example, you could be given a sentence like “He _______ basketball every Saturday.” and then asked to choose the correct verb to complete the sentence (e.g. plays, play, or played). This activity helps you to reinforce your understanding of how pronouns and verbs should match in terms of number and person.

2. Spot the error

Another helpful activity is to read a paragraph or sentence and identify any pronoun-verb agreement errors. For instance, you might be given a sentence like “The team are playing well so far this season.” and then asked to explain why it is incorrect (the correct verb should be “is” instead of “are” because “team” is a singular subject). This activity can help you to become more aware of the common errors that occur when using pronouns and verbs in writing.

3. Complete exercises

Various online tools provide exercises that allow you to practice your pronoun-verb agreement skills. These exercises often have a range of activities such as fill in the blank, spot the error, and multiple-choice questions. Completing these exercises can help you to become more familiar with the different ways in which pronouns and verbs can be paired correctly, and will help you to avoid errors in your writing.

4. Write your own sentences

Another way to practice your pronoun-verb agreement skills is to create your own sentences and then review them to ensure that you have used the correct pairing. This activity can be done in a group or individually and is an excellent way to practice your writing and grammar skills.

In conclusion, pronoun-verb agreement is an essential aspect of writing that should not be overlooked. By using some of these activities, you can improve your understanding of how pronouns and verbs should be paired correctly. Doing so will help you to produce grammatically correct and understandable writing.